The Omni Group Website Review & Ratings + The Omni Group Coupons
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The Omni Group Website Review & Ratings + The Omni Group Coupons

The Omni Group: Products & Services

The Omni Group is an employee-owned company that develops software exclusively for the Mac, IPhone, and IPad. The company has a range of products and prides its self as being a different sort of company, one that provides full- featured productivity assistants available in the market, while being readily accessible for beginning users.

The company offers its numerous services and products to a very wide customer base, ranging from business professionals, project managers, parents, home users, students and educators. Some of Omni Group products are; OmniFocus for Mac, IPhone and IPad, the OmniOutliner for Mac and Ipad, OmniPlan for Mac and iPad, and a long list of games.

The Omni Group: Company Background

The Omni Group is located and headquartered in Seattle, Washington, United States.  The company was founded informally in 1989 as a NEXTSTEP consulting company, by Wil Shipley, who instantly brought Ken Case and Tim Wood on board. All three integrated under the name Omni Development, Inc. In its  early years ,Omni produced custom database softwares on NEXTSTEP platform for clients like McCaw Cellular Communications (formerly Cingular Wireless, now AR&T Inc.)

In the company’s 24 years of existence, The Omni Group has grown considerably. Around the year 2000, Omni Group decided to focus entirely on their consumer applications for Mac, and in 2004 the bulk of their revenue came from their consumer products. The Omni Group also administers several mailing lists related to Mac OS X and software development. And they also provide frame work for Cocoa software development under an open source license.

The Omni Group: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The Omni Group is a company that deals directly with its customers in a very close way, through their smart phones. Given the popularity and quality of these products, The Omni Group has had its own fair share media coverage and customer feedback and reviews. The comments were mostly positive, applauding the company’s innovative ingenuity in making things easier, more organized and productive. Generally, most o the negative comments focused on features customers wished these products provided, such as “multiple contexts/ tags.”

The Omni Group has built its credibility based on the durability, efficiency and quality of its numerous products and services.  There are a few reviews of Omni Group’s products online. Generally, customers, such as Tim of, paint a good picture of the popularity of the company’s products. The reviewer commented on his recurrent exposure to the product and his reluctance to try it.  Subsequently, he writes “ I am very comfortable working with folders and sub-folders on my Macs [with OmniFocus].” Here is a blog, detailing a users’ experience with Omni Group’s products.

The Omni Group: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The Omni Group is not BBB (better business bureau) accredited. However, the company has been covered by some prominent media outlets especially tech online magazines, including and iLounge. And Omni’s distinctive productivity applications have won several awards, including three Macworld Editors’ Choice awards, a MacUser UK “Maxine” award. Macworld Expo Best of Show, two Mac Observer Editors’ Choice Awards, an IPhone Alley Editors’ Choice award and five Apple Design awards.

The Omni Group: Website Popularity & Google Ranking is a simple and well laid out site. It provides even first time users with all the information they may need. The Omni Group, is ranked 21,866 in the world and 16,892 in the the United States on the Alexa rank.  And the majority of the sites traffic are from Canada, 11,551, Switzerland, 10,702 and Pakistan, 8,094. Also the Google Page Rank Checker scored this company’s site 6/10. According to, the site is listed on its SSL certificate.

The Omni Group: Social Media Presence

The Omni Group prides itself in being steps ahead, in providing customers with comfort, organization and productivity. The Omni Group has an active social media platform, with accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and a blog. Its Twitter account is very active, with 9,404 followers. The company’s Facebook account was during this check was last updated a month go and has 2,153 likes.

The Omni Group: Website Security & Safety

According to Goggle Safe Browsing, is a safe site that is not currently listed as suspicious and has not hosted any malicious software over the past 90 days. The company’s website,, according to, is secured. Norton Safe Web also confirmed these results, by finding no issues with this site, including computer, identity threats and no annoyance factors.

The Omni Group: Pricing & Packages

Omni Group offers a range of products for Mac, iPhone and iPad. The comapany’s products are designed to assist workers maximize productivity by managing tasks and time more flexible and easier. Most of the company’s products are priced according to the platform it was created for. For example, OmniFocus, a “location – aware task display,” is created for Mac, iPad and iPhones. Whilst it is the same software, the company charges $79.99 for OmniFocus for Mac, $39.99 for OmniFocus for iPad and $19.99 for OmniFocus for iPhone. The company’s softwares are quite competitive, when compared with other developers of similar programs.

The Omni Group: Shipping Rates & Policies

Omni Group does have a shipping policy or notification because the company offers completely virtual solutions. Its products can be easily purchased on-line, customers simply download the software, and use a trial version or pay immediately for a product key to access the product. It’s important to note that The Omni Group also offers some freewares as well.

The Omni Group: Payment Methods Accepted

Omni Gropu sells its products exclusively online. The company accepts payments from PayPal and with a credit card. These are the only two payment options we were able to confirm that the company supports. However, it is possible that Omni Group also accepts cheques, bank wires and a few other e-money services. Undoubtedly, PayPal, credit cards and other e-money solutions would be more easily processed by the company’s operators.

The Omni Group: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Omni Group offers “a 30-day return guarantee on all of our products—whether they're purchased through our very own Omni Group store or any of Apple's App Stores.” The company offers a two week trial period, after this period expires, the customer has the option of purchasing the app or uninstalling it.  The company’s refund and exchange policy reads, “If you decide to purchase and it's not as good a fit as you had originally hoped, just, or call us at 1-800-315-OMNI (6664) or 206-523-4152 to receive a refund. 

The Omni Group: Product images & screenshots
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